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Oh, I'm so bored!

I'm posting here, because
a) the Girlville boards have spontaneously combusted (again)
b) I seem to be filling up my own livejournal with icons that I keep making (am SO tempted to start posting them here, but am resisting the urge)
c) if I leave the computer, I'll have to do something useful; for instance, starting to read the books on my reading list for uni

I could go and write a letter to a friend, actually, so I might do that. Hmm.

Orrr I might watch Bridget Jones's Diary for the 247367th time. Or read one of the books. (Bridget books, not uni books.)

No, I have to write the letter. *nods decisively* Okay, I'm really going to go now.

/clearly insane
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