come in my cave (itouchmyself) wrote in l33t_str33t,
come in my cave


Hi everyone!

I haven't updated my lj for ages so I might as well post whats been going on, in here:

1) My dad's gf has won the lottery (allegdly). The winnings is in the MILLIONS. Or so we have been told. She will not marry my dad now, cos he will get half if they split up. HAHA.

2) I have a kitten! I got him on Monday. his name is Orli and he is ginger and white and very cute. I will take pics when he decides to be good and look at the camera.

3) I saw Bon Jovi for free last night! It is a long story that involves dutch leaflet people /wtf. Uh yeh.

4) I am going to a party on friday so I will take many pictures of drunken english students for your amusment.

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